Dogs are social creatures and require lots of interaction with other dogs regardless of whether they are humans or dogs. If they are kept in a lonely environment excessively, many dogs experience separation anxiety. It's one of the most prevalent disorders dogs can suffer from. If it's not treated promptly, your dog's fear and anxiety could increase. If your dog gets super-stressed when left alone then you can cure separation anxiety in your dogs from

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Here are Five Suggestions to Get You Started Right Now: 

  1.  Distraction – Dogs are awestruck to chew, don't you think? Find your dog some Marrow bones from the butcher in your town then bake them for approximately 20 minutes. Cut them into 1-inch chunks and feed them to your dog for 15 minutes before leaving. 

  2.  Allow Her To See: In on the floor and where your dog can look out the windows, ensure the blinds and curtains remain open. Being able to view external views is the most beneficial thing about being in the open air. She'll not feel as isolated and lonely.

  3. Workout – It is going to require some effort from you and will exhaust your dog. You should give her a good 20-minute vigorous walk or longer before you need to go. 

  4. Radio – Switch on an enjoyable talk radio station or classical music station, and set the volume to the level of low, so it keeps her in a calm state. It gives dogs the impression that she has company and can help keep her relaxed.

  5. Spend Time: Spend time with your dog each day to help her become accustomed to your departure. You can begin slowly by beginning with making a jingle with your keys or placing your clothes on.