The Wine & Spirit Education Trust offers education and certification in spirits, wines, and sake for professionals as well as lovers. The WSET delivers a top-of-the-line education program that is designed to motivate and empower wine lovers.

They are internationally recognized as the gold standard of international knowledge about spirits and wine. The WSET collaborates together with hundreds of colleges across more than 70 countries to provide the most comprehensive wine education. You can find the different WSET certification courses from various online platforms.

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What's covered in WSET wine classes?

If you've learned something about it is that the WSET is and how you can prepare for a course in wine Here are the different areas of wine to be covered in each of the WSET courses:

level I : The Level I is beginning level for people who are looking to gain knowledge about wine, or perhaps begin exploring a career in the field of wine. You'll be able to learn about the major varieties and styles of wine as well as describe wines in detail and create the most effective combinations of wine and foods .

level II:  It is the intermediate or beginner level, However, you don't have to finish Level I to take this course. It is possible to skip a whole level If you already have a good grasp of the basics of wine. Level II helps you understand the meaning of labels, the source, and quality along with food and wine pairings and top high-quality wines made from eight main grape varieties.