The company claims to provide the best and leading service in the Xpel paint protection film market. This brand deals with the best paint protective films. This paint protection film is also known in the market as "transparent bras''.

This technology has been popular with buyers in recent days with a lifetime warranty. You can easily guess what this Xpel paint protection film is for you. This is suitable protection for painted vehicle surfaces.

xpel paint protection film

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There are many films on the market which are identified as thermoplastic urethane. This film has unique protection. It can heal itself. Yes, you read that right!

This color can easily remove surface stains. It is widely used as a prophylactic caused by insect splash, sawdust, tree sap, spinal traces, and especially minor scratches.

PPF is seen as a short form of protective paint coating that physically protects the exterior surfaces of a car. Also, the glossy paint texture is maintained for a long time.

The use of PPF is also great for protecting vehicles from scratches due to physical contact. The installation process is very easy. Following are the steps were taken on your car by a genuine PPF installation lab expert:

  • Cut the film into the correct shape of the vehicle.

  • Vehicle organization to implement PPF.

  • Align the feeling on the paint surface of your car.

  • PPF binding.

  • Pay attention to long-term care.