Since I work in the seed industry, I have heard a lot about GMO foods and the pros and cons of modified foods. Actually, to be honest, I have only heard cons from consumers and seed wholesalers.

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Of course, there are a lot of common sense reasons not to eat genetically modified foods like:


1. They're franken-foods! Playing God never worked out well in the movies and I cannot help thinking that it is not a good idea in real life.

2. They are now being proven to be detrimental to our health.

3. This one is quite compelling – insects and animals won't eat them. It has been found that deer will actually walk around a field that is GMO and not eat it.

But, there is one reason that is most compelling. if we don't stop, we will not be able to go back. If your field is next to mine and I grow all of my plants from heirloom seeds and do my best to do things the good old fashioned organic way, it may not matter if you plant GMO crops because your plants will pollinate with mine and before you know it, I am growing GMO crops as well.

And that is the crux of the issue: at what point will we have reached the point of no return – the point when all of the world's crops have been infected by bad genes. A friend of mine is fond of saying "never underestimate the power of a bad idea" and I wonder in this instance we should be wary of underestimating the power of one bad strand of DNA.