Moving is a stressful time and expensive process. Whether you're planning to move from your apartment into a bigger place or move out of the current house after doing extensive renovations, this guide will help you make the best decisions for your upcoming move.

If you're thinking of taking your furniture off the floor and moving it to another place, you can ask professional furniture movers in Brisbane for help.

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Few things to consider: 

1. Estimate the weight of your furniture. This will help you determine how much effort will be required to move it. 

2. Mark the furniture with tape or painter's tape so that you can identify it again when it's in storage. 

3. Get a helper. It'll make the job go faster and easier! 

4. Clear a path in front of the furniture so that you can move it easily. 

5. Start by lifting one end of the furniture and pulling it forward. Then, lift the other end and pull it along with it. Be sure to use caution not to damage your walls or floors in the process!

If you're planning on removing a large piece of furniture by yourself, it's important to have the right tools and equipment on hand. You'll need a sturdy stool or ladder, a heavy-duty drill or screwdriver, and an appropriate size crowbar or wrench. You might also want to have a flashlight, duct tape, and safety goggles handy in case something goes wrong.