Businesses of all sizes depend on the auto industry to meet fast delivery times and ship products safely across the country. The transportation industry carries far more cargo than trains, ships or airplanes – and without trucks, goods can never move from train stations, ports and airports to their final destination.

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Trucks make their first economic contribution by delivering raw materials to factories. For example, trucks carriage raw materials from local suppliers such as mines, mines, livestock and loggers to factories that need materials to make products.

The finished product is then trucked to wholesalers and retailers or to other transport routes to reach destinations in the region, in the country or in the world by ship, plane or train.

The goods supplied include agricultural and fishery products, furniture, stone and minerals, automobiles, wood, textiles, leather, coal, oil – in short, almost any product category.

The transportation industry generates $ 650 billion in annual sales, which, according to Business Insider, equates to about 84 percent of total sales for the entire commercial transportation industry. enforces many conditions.

For example, to ensure public road safety, there are laws that restrict the use of certain roads by trucks, require trucks to adhere to lower speed limits, and prohibit truck operators from driving without adequate rest.