Vegans don't eat anything that comes from an animal. That includes meat, milk, cheese, other dairy products, fish, eggs, honey, and some more obscure animal derivatives. What does this mean when they're out in these restaurants? It means that they need to play a little game of "What's not on the menu?"

Vegan Eating Basics

If you're vegan or considering becoming vegan, you might be wondering how you'll ever survive eating out at restaurants, especially fast food places. But don't worry, with a little planning and some basic knowledge, you can eat almost anywhere without having to compromise your ethical or dietary beliefs. You can also look for vegetarian restaurants in Fayetteville NC.

Here are some tips to help you eat vegan at any restaurant:

1. Call ahead and ask about vegan options. Many restaurants now have at least one or two vegan-friendly dishes on their menus. And if they don't, they may be willing to make something special for you if you call in advance and request it.

2. Bring your own food. This is always a good option if you're not sure what will be available or if you want to be sure to have something that you know you'll enjoy. Just make sure to check with the restaurant first to see if they allow outside food.

3. Order smart. Even if a restaurant doesn't have any explicitly vegan items on the menu, there are usually plenty of vegetarian dishes that can easily be made vegan with a few simple substitutions. For example, ordering a veggie burger without cheese or mayo, or a salad without chicken or eggs.

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