Selecting an LMS(Learning Management System) is a challenging task and that's just because it takes care of an important business function and needs to work well. 

By choosing a leading LMS in Brisbane, you have a shared space to store all the training modules and online sessions. There is no longer the trouble of the training documents scattering around and creating a mess. You can arrange all the documents in a common area where all the employees can access them freely from anywhere.

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It is important for the decision-makers to know what NOT to do while (before and during) selecting an LMS as many of these things aren't clearly highlighted elsewhere. More so, they don'ts leave a deeper impression!

1. It is not an IT system purchase

You do not need to be any more IT-savvy than you already may be to evaluate or go about selecting the right LMS system for your organization. It is a piece of software and the IT part stops there. 

From the very first day when you start talking about the need for an LMS with management and internal staff do not involve IT, (unless you need some inputs from them); make sure you focus on the core objectives, perceived benefits, and desired outcomes from the system.

2. Do not buy after just a sales demonstration 

If required, get one or two more demonstrations done; involve more people to ask more questions: to-be-administrators, user groups, the IT team (yes, they can give inputs and ask technical questions but only to an extent).