Handmade Keepsake Urns help you honor the memories of your loved ones and keep those memories close. When these urns are crafted and finished by craftsmen, every detail, from the grain of the tree to the final color of the urn, is used to give you beautiful memories of time spent with your loved ones. 

People usually buy keepsake cremation urns to store the remaining ashes of their loved ones. However, the process of selecting an urn can be painful. As you take on this challenge, there are a few thoughts to keep in mind to make the process easier.

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Why are there multiple sizes?

Memorial jars are available in a variety of sizes. This happens for several reasons. Some family members choose to scatter most of their loved ones' ashes and keep only a few for their own keepsake. In some cases, many family members wished to keep some of the ashes. In such situations, the most appropriate jars are much smaller. 

Think about the wishes of your loved ones

As you consider the many options available to you, take some time to consider the best interests of your loved ones. Maybe they really like a particular sport or hobby. Your loved one may have maintained strong religious values or become a veteran. You can think of his love for nature or family.  

Count on quality for lasting memories 

There are various materials for jars, but not all materials are suitable for all environments. For example, if you plan to bury the urn, brass is generally not recommended. If your loved one prefers to let the jar float in the water, you should opt for water-soluble and biodegradable materials.