Torch down roof is a phrase used for membrane roofs made from polyester and fiberglass with bitumen which are inserted into tar and dirt roof. Many put in the bitumen and fiber levels over tar and gravel roofs since heat generates a stronger bond between pitch and bitumen. 

A tar and gravel roof is a mixture of molten pitch and gravel poured into the roof area and made to be hardened. Utilizing today's contemporary instruments, a torch down roofing can be set up by as few as four individuals.

Before undertaking the job, don't forget to prioritize security. The fire and fumes pose a threat of acute burns and intoxication to fumes. The flashlight can also be a fire hazard, clear all crap like dry leaves, newspaper, plastics, and wood. 


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The positioning of the flashlight ought to be understood and remembered constantly, and additional attention and care have to be given when managing it. Wear gloves and mask on the job.

Before installation, first, arrange a strategy along with the manpower. 1 member of the group ought to be a group leader whose responsibilities are to direct the rest of the employees and also to synchronize all of the efforts and work in a structured manner. 

In this manner, accidents because of miscommunication and uncoordinated activities can be lessened. Lay the roof and flashlight the tiles and at precisely the same time the other team places and prepare another roll from the roofing. Installation could be quick and simple.