Take the right decision when it comes to your manuscript

Authors have many options today. In this article, our manuscript proofreaders focus on the two most prevalent-traditional publishing and self-publishing.


Self-publishing is slightly different from traditional publishing. Self-publishing is where the author becomes the publisher. The author must proofread and pay the necessary funds to publish the book. The author is responsible for marketing and distribution of the book, filling orders, and running advertising campaigns.

The author used to have to decide how many copies to print. Some self-publishing companies now use Print on Demand (POD), which allows authors to have fewer copies printed. They can actually print as many copies as they need. To get the rest of the information, you can go to this site https://selfpublishingmadeeasynow.com/.

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Traditional publishing

Traditional publishing requires that the author submits a manuscript and a query letter to a publisher. The manuscript is read by an editor who decides whether or not it is suitable for publication.

The house will buy the rights from the author and pay an advance on future royalties if it decides to publish the book. The publishing house pays for the design and packaging of the book. It then markets and distributes the final product to the public.