NEBOSH is a well-recognized safety and health qualification. The International General Certificate is for rank-and-file employees, supervisors, managers, and other senior staff. This certification is proof that an employee has the necessary knowledge and skills to meet safety and health responsibilities in various industries around the globe.

A NEBOSH certificate can be used to advance your career and not just for knowledge and skills. The certificate allows employees to make a contribution to safety and health policies. This qualification is expected to make employees very competent at their job. There are many reasons people enroll in NEBOSH mock exams.

They will be able to maintain safe and healthy working environments. This will be a benefit to the company's image and track record. Passing a NEBOSH exam is a prerequisite for obtaining a NEBOSH certificate. Here are some tips to help you pass your NEBOSH exam.

It is important to be familiar with the structure and components of the exam so that you can prepare for the actual test. The exam is broken down into three units. The first two NGC1s and NGC2s are evaluated by written exams. Each test takes two hours to complete and includes 10 short answer questions as well as 1 long answer question. 

Keep your eyes on the prize by noting that each short answer question is worth 8 marks and the long answer question worth 20 marks. You should allow yourself between 8-10 minutes and 20 minutes for long answer questions. This will ensure that you make the most of your time. Do not skip any questions.

Remember that the examiner will always be looking for ways to award you points. Positive marking is given on the NEBOSH Certificate exam. Points are awarded for correct application of knowledge. Incorrect answers do not count as points. 

Incorrect answers do not count as points. This is because the exam's marking system means it is your responsibility to make it as simple as possible for the examiners to give you marks. Make sure you are able to read your writing and organize your answers correctly.