There are basically two types of gift events – those that a person puts together and those who involve several publishers. Gift events and joint gift events have increased in popularity and have become a real trend for building a list. A gift event works essentially as a contest.

If someone signs up for your list, they are automatically entered into the List. Giveaway events can generate a lot of excitement and buzz, especially if it is a joint event. 

Remember that some of these events are managed as a contest, especially if the price is great. Other events give each new subscriber. You can also have different price levels where each person who registers gets something and then entered the main drawing. 

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Here is the basic process:

Find a product or multiple products to give away for free. Understand that you may need to give away Private Label Rights or Master Resell Rights if you want your product to be part of the giveaway.

Choose items that will be valuable for your future subscribers – relevant software, the latest e-book, etc, are all choices.

Finally, promote the event a lot on your websites, in the forums, writing a press release, via article marketing, putting in place a website only for the event, etc.