Boutique guitar pedals: You either love them or hate them. We tend to be more in the latter camp since we love pedals that go beyond what a guitar pedal was designed to do. We can push the limits of guitar tone and brighten our pedalboards with boutique effects.

Here's a brief overview of what a boutique guitar treadle is.

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  • Premium guitar pedal with a unique effect
  • High-quality components used
  • Usually, includes custom artwork
  • Very exclusive, with very few pieces produced each year

Boutique pedals are fun because they can create unique effects, produce a top-of-the-line tone, and offer exciting artwork. They can be a great motivator if you are struggling to find the motivation to play the guitar or create new music. We won't lie to you, they will cost you more than your average stompbox. Maybe two to three times as much for the privilege of having one. Are they worth the cost?

Why do Boutique guitar pedals cost so much?

Because of the high-end components and long build times, boutique effects are more expensive. Some companies prefer to wire pedals by hand rather than using printed circuit boards as you would find in mass-produced pedals. This allows them to use larger capacitors or transistors that don't match the PCB. This allows for a more natural sound. Handmade pedals can be labor-intensive and difficult to make.

These manufacturers only produce a few pedals per year. This is a very exclusive group to have a boutique stompbox.