It will be great to drive around in a shiny car if you can not only turn your head in your direction but also spin through traffic. You won't do this shouting as loudly as possible but by the powerful growl of your car. 

But a loud exhaust system is not enough. It must be designed to improve the vehicle's performance. You can even boost your car’s performance with a holden VE UTE system.

The first thing to do when looking for more power and growl for your car is to forget about aluminum steel. It will turn out to be pure waste. Water vapor will stay in every niche for a long time and consume the steel even when you aren't looking.

What is the best finish I can get for my car then? If you can match it with the tail area, stainless steel will be the best finish. This eliminates the need to worry about annoying problems like castrated horsepower, combustion gasses, and rust.

Is this enough? It is not over. It is important to think about how your car will appear to the public. You will be uncomfortable looking at the spongy tailpipe. This is a delicate part. You need to fit it correctly so the combustion doesn't go out of control.